Outdoor Pro has been created by a team of Outdoor Education specialists who have a background in primary teaching, special education needs and development and forest schools. It is our belief that every child should experience the wonders of the outdoors, and every adult have access to the tools that make this possible. By working alongside the creators of PE Pro we have carefully created our own app, which is the perfect tool to help spread our knowledge and passion for the outdoors.

What is Outdoor Pro?

Outdoor Pro is an App and webpage we have created with an aim to inspire, upskill, and give all educators the confidence and knowledge to deliver outstanding outdoor education.

We understand the pressure and time constraints on staff. However, utilizing the Outdoor Pro App can transform your outdoor lessons into fun, engaging, and high-quality experiences, all without the need for hours of planning.

Why choose outdoor pro?


We believe that every child should receive fun, safe and educational outdoor learning opportunities. Outdoor Pro provides educators with the tools to facilitate this, by the unique use of step-by-step video content and detailed lesson plans. This enables all learners to develop a love for the outdoors, achieve curriculum milestones and meet their holistic wellbeing needs. Outdoor Pro also enables users to experience a wealth of Forest School inspired education at the click of a button, making the app very accessible for all.